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About Melanie Lichtinger


Melanie (born 1960) is a multilingual astrological consultant and teacher with a law degree and professional background from Bavaria, Germany and has made Victoria BC, Canada her chosen home in the year 2000. 

Over the past 20 years, she has been traveling  and extensively exploring Eastern (mainly Buddhist) and Western paths (especially Jungian psychology) to understanding human nature and the universe. Astrology has been her steady companion in this journey. 

By making her passion her professional purpose with her immigration to Canada, while honoring the gifts of her broad education, she has inspired and supported a large number of  personal clients and groups through her applied and grounded cosmological worldview, and ways of being true to spirit..


Professional Experience

Melanie's professional astrological training and 14 years experience include studies at D.A.V. (German Astrologers Association), Freiburg, with teachers of A.P.I. (Astrological - Psychological Institute), Zürich, Switzerland, and a consultation and teaching practice in Germany and Canada. Melanie holds a Bachelor of Law degree from Germany, with practice specialized in family law. She speaks five languages, including the archetypal astrological language.



"Astrology describes how archetypal, universal energies resonate in a person or event at any given time, which can be useful as a very direct diagnostic and prognostic tool.

"An astrological consultation addresses my clients' personal concerns intuitively, and on deep levels. It is a very constructive, supportive and energizing process that reveals new insights, options and possibilities. 

"My approach in consultations aims at honouring, inspiring and empowering my clients to consciously cooperate with their unique planetary energies and cycles. By applying the insights gained through astrology they can identify the archetypal tendencies while consciously being the observer in the 'hub of the wheel', the stillpoint of life, and live the potential of their Self.

"My mission for teaching is to make the astrological language understandable and applicable for everyone who would like to gain self awareness for past, present and upcoming developments, and in relationships with others. Utilizing astrology in their daily lives, my students can approach any situation more consciously and from a broader, cosmic and archetypal perspective."


Code of Ethics

(inspired by the British Faculty of Astrological Studies' Code of Ethics)

1. I will endeavor to act at all times in such a way as to enhance the good name of astrology, explaining its true nature as I understand it to all interested persons and defending it against unjust aspersions or ill-informed attacks.

2. I undertake not to use my service for 'predictions' or in connection with "sun sign" forecasting for the media.

3. In all my astrological work, whether professional or otherwise, I will abide by the following rules:

[a] When undertaking natal work, I will explain clearly that unless the time and place of birth can be given with reasonable accuracy any interpretation supplied must be regarded as incomplete or inadequate.

[b] When undertaking chart comparison work, I require the consent of the other person to reveal their information in order to interpret the charts in question.

[c] For all professional work I will charge an adequate fee except in the case of a client who is in genuine need of help but is unable to pay, in which case I will adjust my fee.

[d] I agree to strictly respect all confidences made to me.



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