Journey through the Zodiac  

Key Themes and Experiences of the 12 Zodiac Signs

© 2002 by Melanie Lichtinger 

All the signs are indicated by their element: Fire, Earth, Air, Water

Aries   Independent activist, individual fighter, courageous hero, absolute beginner, daring pioneer, fresh spring energy, hunter, fast and furious, impatiently urging, assertion of own will, impulsive and direct, youthful and open for the new, entrepreneurial.

Adventure oriented: “Me first!” or “Just do it!”

Taurus   Settler and gatherer, holding on and possessing, territorial, endurance and resistance, perseverance and tenacity, steady and patient, “slow food”, patient, conservative, appreciating beauty and value, sensually enjoying Mother Earth’s pleasures.

Security oriented: “This is mine!”

` Gemini   Interested learner and communicator, lighthearted explorer, versatile and adaptable, curious and restless, scattering energy, checking out new and modern trends, picking up and transmitting information and ideas, making contact, social butterfly.

Variety oriented: “That’s interesting!” or “I doubt it!”

a Cancer   Sensitive protector, emotionally receptive and fluctuating, crusty with soft interior, homemaker and nurturer, occupation with the past, intuitive, indirect approach, “Memories, Dreams and Reflections” (C.G. Jung’s autobiography), romantic and dreamy. 

Caring oriented: “That makes me feel better.”

Leo   Self-assured entertainer, center of attention, creative self-expression, ‘special’ and ‘privileged’, artist and actor, ‘bigger than life’ drama, flamboyant and radiating, generous and warm, openhearted, playful and sunny, ‘joie de vivre’. 

Appreciation oriented: “Look at me!”

Virgo  Diligent organizer, working and serving, assimilation, analyzing and synthesizing, precision and clarity, logic and reason, discriminating and critical approach, budgeting and planning, healing, problem solving and repairing, differentiated and complicated. 

Perfection oriented: “Give me the facts!”

d Libra   Charming diplomat, peace and aesthetics, art and style, balance and serenity, fairness and justice, figuring in all angles, weighing all points, indecisively pleasing many people and facets, avoiding conflict, compromising, non-involvement. 

Harmony oriented: “Everything in moderation” or “I cannot decide yet!”

e Scorpio   Magnetic extremist, deeply passionate emotions, relentless drive for purpose, intuition and penetration of human nature, keen on understanding secrets, mysteries and taboos, researcher and magician, loyal and controlling, vengeance and obsession, radically changing self and others, ‘phoenix out of the ashes’. 

Intensity oriented: “All or nothing at all!”

Sagittarius   Enthusiastic philosopher, expanding horizon (geographically and mentally), desire to find truth and meaning, traveling in the world and mind, versatile, fun and humor, gregarious and generous, honest and straightforward, opinionated, ‘forever young’.

Truth and freedom oriented: “Too much of a good thing is wonderful!” (Mae West)

Capricorn   Ambitious achiever, self sufficient, pragmatic, outcome and completion, success and status, authority and recognition, the law and societal institutions, time management, schedules and organization, heavy duty and load (Atlas), responsibility, perseverance and discipline.

Goal and structure oriented: “Time is on my side!”

h Aquarius   Eccentric vanguard, unconventional and unorthodox, liberal and progressive, independent thinker, intellectual and open minded, rebel and revolutionary, crazy inventor, experimental and unpredictable, humanitarian and political, detached yet friendly. 

Freedom oriented: “I’m different” or “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité!”

i Pisces   Impressionable visionary, ‘not of this world’, higher consciousness and ‘getting high’, spirits (of all kinds), ideals and illusions, escapism, drugs and drifting, openness and (co-)dependency, imaginative and artistic, path of least resistance, absorption, vulnerability and victim hood, priests and prophets, eternity and redemption.

Surrender oriented: “Go with the flow!”


The Celtic Wheel of the Year shows 

Holidays related to the cardinal signs (Aries: Ostara / Spring Equinox, Cancer: Litha / Summer Solstice, Libra: Mabon / Fall Equinox, and Capricorn: Yule / Winter Solstice) at the beginning of each season, and 

Holidays related to the fixed signs (Taurus: Beltane, Leo: Luchnassad, Scorpio: Samhain / Halloween, Aquarius: Imbolc) at the center of each season:



Another way of describing the cycle of Zodiac is by a cycle of on-going themes of life:


Aries: Beginnings

Taurus: Pleasure

Gemini: Duality

Cancer: Caring

Leo: Play

Virgo: Service

Libra: Balance

Scorpio: Transformation

Sagittarius: Quest

Capricorn: Achievement

Aquarius: Freedom

Pisces: Oneness

followed by Aries: New Beginnings...


You can see that signs in the same element trinity  have related themes, and signs in the modality quadrinity have dynamically conflicting themes.

Referring to the table of 'dignities' (rulership, exaltation, fall and exile of planets in signs), you can see how some players are 'natural' at acting out certain themes, like Pluto the magician, just loves Scorpionic transformation. Love goddess Venus loves Taurean pleasure and Libran balance - their favorite 'costumes' and 'scripts'



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