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If you wish to book a consultation, please e-mail me or call me with your name, address and phone#, as well as your place, date and most accurate time of birth.  The exact time of birth is essential to cast an individual horoscope and to determine the time lines of transit stimulations.  

If you donít know the exact time, and your birth certificate doesnít indicate it either, please try to find it out from family archives, memory of family members, or the hospital you were born at. Without your time of birth, I can still give you valuable information, but only a fraction of whatís possible with a complete, specific, personal chart. 


For in-person consultations, the birth time can be determined by 'body dowsing' / muscle testing. I've been practicing it for about 5 years now an am personally each time amazed about the results and efficiency of this method that retrieves information directly through the body's responses and it reflects the energetic system's wisdom about your experience of being born (not what another person recorded or remembered). Most clients respond very well with consistent 'answers' so that the birth time can be dowsed to an accuracy of 5 - 10 min.


I offer in-person sessions in Victoria, BC, as well as international phone consultations which can be held in English or German.  

All consultations are individually prepared and conducted - you don't receive a consultation based on a computer generated report.

For more information on my ethical conduct please see my Code of Ethics under


Please contact me, and we can set up a time that is convenient for both of us. Before the actual consultation, I offer an initial briefing on the phone which helps build trust and 'break the ice', and addresses your initial questions.

The birth information given to me and that I based my preparation on will be confirmed with you at he beginning of the session. In case you find out later that the time was not correct, please understand that the costs for any change of your birth information is in your responsibility, and that I have to charge you for extra time I will invest into setting up the chart again, based on the corrected birth time, and preparing again based on the new information.


My cancellation policy: For cancellations (not rescheduling) up to 24 hrs before the scheduled session, the client will be charged 50% of the rate, min. $ 35.


An astrological consultation, customized to your specific requests, takes 1-2 hours

For a phone consult I will email you the  personal horoscope beforehand, and email to you the audio recording of the whole session (with speaker phone on) upon receipt of your cheque or via PayPal. All the material and my preparation time are included in the price. 

The phone costs are your responsibility, and phoning is free if you have signed up with






Rates (see details under Services):  

Initial session: Cdn$ 133 / to 2 hrs

Updates / Transits: Cdn$ 77 /1 hr - Cdn$ 111 /90 min. 

Additionally Progressions: Cdn$ 33 extra

Relationship / Relocation:

Cdn$ 144 /90 min.,  Cdn$ 166 /2 hrs either Relationship or Relocation  


10% off in your birthday week!

Gift Certificates available!


Check in for Holiday / Valentine's / Mother's and Father's Month / Client Appreciation specials!

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Phone: 001-250-381- 4299

E-mail: licht at islandnet dot com.

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Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions concerning astrology or my services.


Looking forward to being of service to you, 





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