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Astrology Live - 

Welcome to Co-Creative and Experiential Astrology!

Intro and Overview


“How can I ‘read’ and better understand my horoscope?” 

Learn more about the fascinating world of Astrology, and how it applies to your experience and gives you practical guidance in life, in a co-creative, experiential and safe small group of like-spirited participants at one of the workshops and courses, from the curriculum below. 


If you can't come to a course or workshop in person, I email you the audio recording, and you even get a short one-on-one fill-in session. 

Or purchase the recording only ( $ 10 per 2 1/2 hr workshop - discounts for courses).


In customized recorded one-on-one mentoring sessions (live or over the phone / Skype), based on your own chart and other charts you bring, we can customize the learning and practice to your personal level and interests. 


Invite your friends to an Astrology Party, either in a group session for the whole evening, or with private 1-on-1 mini-sessions - makes a great birthday gift! 



Benefits of the Astrology Courses, Workshops, or One-on-One Coaching:

- Open up to a new awareness of the universe and our place in it.

- Understand yourself, others, and your relationship dymanics with them better.

- Astrology can be very complementary for professions in the healing, counseling, consulting, and teaching fields, as it offers direct and holistic tools to hone in, to diagnose where your client comes from in their process, and where release, transformation, and new opportunities are most readily accessible for them.



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Exploring the Cosmic Language and Ar


Courses, Workshops, and Events 


Melanie Lichtinger 




Downtown Victoria BC, Vancouver Island, Canada 

Small groups in private setting 

Participate via Skype or phone from anywhere 


Please send your inquiries and requests for courses (small groups can be customized) to




Overview / Curriculum of ALL the Courses and Workshops

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Level I: Beginners: Element Alchemy, Planetary Archetypes, and Zodiac Energies

8-week course 




AstroAlchemy of Elements  (5 weeks)




Level II: Ascendant, Midheaven, and Houses (8 weeks)



 Level III: Planetary Patterns, Aspects, and Configurations (8 weeks)



Chart Interpretation Practice (4 weeks)

Next course on request (customized to small group)



Level IV: Planetary Transits and Cycles (8-weeks)



Level V: Progressions (5 weeks)




Two extended evening workshops for advanced students

Next course on request (customized to small group)



The Astrology of Relationships - for all levels (6 weeks)

next course starts in Sept 2013


Level VI: Relationships - Synastry / Chart Comparison: Relatedness and Compatibility (6 weeks)



Level VII: Relationships - Composite: Character of the Relationship (5 weeks)



Level VIII: Geographic Astrology - 

Planetary Worldmap, Relocation Charts, and Location Compatibility (6 weeks) 



Transit Workshops 

(topics and dates via email) 

ALL levels, drop-in




Planet Parlour

Planetary Transits in Your Own Chart and Life 

Presently offered for customized groups - at YOUR home 



Planetary Archetypes   


ALL levels

15-week journey (also drop-in available)



Sun - Creative Spirit

Moon - Care and Belonging

Mercury - Communication and Skillfulness

Venus - Attraction and Pleasure

Mars - Sex, Fight and Assertion

Lilith - Instinctual Unconditioned Feminine

Asteroid Goddesses I & II - Cultivation: Pallas - Father Daughter Mother, and Ceres - Daughter Mother 

and Relatedness: Juno - Wife, and Vesta - Virgin / Priestess

Jupiter -Trust, Growth and Understanding

Saturn - Lessons and Maturity

Chiron - Wisdom though Healing Journey

Uranus - Freedom and Breakthrough

Neptune - Transcendent Union and Bliss

Pluto - Power, Magic, and Transformation

The Lunar Nodes - Karmic Pathways of Release and Integration




 Planets Alive - Your Living Breathing Birth Chart 


Half-day experiential Astrology workshop for all levels 





Special Interest Workshops & 

The Essentials - Astrology in a Nutshell 

to be announced, and on request



Astrology and Relationships:

Relationship Factors in Each Chart, 





Geographic Astrology:


Relocation Charts, 

Location Compatibility



Family and Ancestral Astrology - Origin, Dynamics, Evolution   

Intro and 2-day workshop



Astrology for Mothers and Children 

ALL levels,  women and men welcome

2-part workshop, evening and all day


Astrology for Fathers and Children 

ALL levels, men and women welcome


For fathers: Explore your relationship with your child(ren)

Women, and men who are not fathers: Explore your relationship with your dad.




Workshop for Women:

Our Fathers - Our Partners



Sabian Symbols for Your Chart



AstroSomatics – Health and Wellness via Astrology

Intro and 2-day workshop




Astrology and Money - Wealth and Finances in Your Chart 

ALL levels

Again on request (customized to small group)




Astrology and Career - Calling and Life Purpose in Your Chart

ALL levels

Again on request (customized to small group)




Voyager Tarot & Astrology  

ALL levels 




Voyager Tarot Practice

ALL levels

 esp. for participants in the VT workshops. Newcomers welcome!


Monthly group  - please inquire







Courses and Workshops in Particular



Experiential and Interactive Approach:


Gain a solid understanding of the universal astrological symbolism, in these interactive, fun, co-creative, imaginative, and experiential classes!

To deepen and personalize the experience class sizes are limited to 6 participants.


We apply the learning directly to participants’ charts a feature books cannot provide, and which brings life to the otherwise abstract topic. Students are invited to apply the discussed material to their own experiences, with ample opportunity for self exploration and growth of self awareness, in a safe environment that allows for open sharing.






Level I - Beginners - Astro 101: Element Alchemy, Planetary Archetypes, and Zodiac Energies - 8 weeks


Celtic Wheel of the Year


For Astrology novices, and participants on all levels who come with Beginner's mind.

This course gives you a solid introduction to the basic building blocks in the astrological 'language' and in your personal birth chart:   

First meeting: 

- Intro to Astrology, and overview of the birth chart components.

- The Elements (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water) as archaic life forces, and how they alchemically blend in our charts and lives. We also relate them to the temperaments in a Jungian sense, and find out how to work with strongly emphasized and weakly represented elements. The complementary 5-week class AstroAlchemy of Elements goes into depth in that respect. 

- The modalities cardinal, fixed and mutable (with related planets) show us where our energies tend to gravitate to naturally (initiation, consolidation, or distribution), and which qualities we can integrate if we feel ‘lopsided’. 


2nd meeting:

- Planetary Archetypes: The luminaries Sun and Moon, the eight planets of our Solar system, the planetoid Chiron, and the asteroid Lilith represent a basic ‘cast of archetypal characters’ in our personality. We also learn about the meaning of the Nodal Axis. 

Participation at the Planetary Archetypes series enhances one’s understanding, but isn’t a prerequisite for this course.


Following 6 meetings: 


- The 12 Zodiac signs which show how each planetary Archetype tends to show up in your life (a Capricorn Moon is a different way of ‘mothering’ and experiencing needs than a Pisces Moon), their shadows and compensation modes, and their potential for more integrated and natural expression.

We will discuss each participant's planets in the particular two signs that are 'on' each week, and explore how they can be expressed consciously, freely and creatively. 

We also learn to understand the organic flow from one sign to another which is relevant for cusp energies.


Meeting 3: Aries & Taurus, meeting 4: Gemini & Cancer, meeting 5: Leo & Virgo, meeting 6: Libra & Scorpio, meeting 7: Sagittarius & Capricorn, meeting 8: Aquarius & Pisces.


The course is a good preparation for the Planetary Archetypes series, as we build a solid foundation here which helps with deepening into the particular planetary Archetypes.


AstroAlchemy of Elements - 5 weeks

Gemini by Johfra Bosschart

ALL levels


This series explores in-depth the astrological elements (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water) as archaic life forces, and how they blend in our charts and lives. 

In ancient Greek philosophy, medieval Alchemy, and indigenous traditions and cultures, the elements have been revered, and rituals have been created around and with them, to work in harmony with nature and our inner human nature.

C.G. Jung’s psychology evoked a renaissance of elements as models for the basic 4 temperaments of Intuition (Fire), Sensation (Earth), Thinking (Air), and Feeling (Water). 


In the 5-week course, we 

- discuss the basic astrological ingredients of elements / temperaments, and how it helps us understand ourselves and others (first evening - intro),

- explore in the following 4 evenings the elements one by one in-depth, 

- illustrate the elements and planets via other media, esp. Voyager Tarot cards which also offers Tarot understanding,

- always relate the elements and their associated planets to participants’ charts and life experiences, 

 find out how to consciously work with (apparently) strongly emphasized or weakly represented elements,

- link the elements to their associated signs and planetary Archetypes, and see how these different levels are all interconnected. 


Even if an element and / or its related planets might be strong in your chart, it doesn't suggest to 'ride' it overly. The complementary element will balance it out, via experiences, or via partnerships. And if you seem to lack a placement of a planet in a particular element, it doesn't necessarily suggest you are actually deficient, and should 'fill it up'. It might as well mean, that element is not a big deal in this lifetime. The exploration in this series gets very interesting, as we go beyond the surface level, and connect the dots from within.


This course is complementary to the Planetary Archetypes series (offered again in Winter), for a deeper understanding of elements, signs and planets. Or it can be taken by itself, by participants on all levels..


First meeting: Alchemy / Elements 101

2nd meeting: Fire - Intuition (with related signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, and planets / heavenly bodies Sun, Mars, and Jupiter)

3rd meeting: Earth - Sensation (with Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, and planets Venus, Mercury, and Saturn)

4th meeting: Air - Thinking (with Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, and planets Mercury, Venus, and Uranus)

5th meeting: Water - Feeling (with Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, and planets / heavenly bodies Moon, Pluto, and Neptune)


5-week course: $ 144 
Drop-in: $ 33 per evening
20% discount for low income



Level II: Ascendant, Midheaven and Astrological Houses - 8 weeks 


For students with basic knowledge of elements, modalities, signs, and planets.


This course is quite crucial for astrological understanding, as it shows what comes up for us when archetypal parts of our psyche, as symbolized by planets in their particular sign quality are triggered in particular life areas and experiences (like family, relationship, travel, finances, etc.), and how we can embrace and integrate them.
First evening: Basic Intro to houses: 

- How can I visualize in 3-D in the sky what is printed as ‘my chart’?  Basic illustrative astronomy.  

- How are the houses determined, and why are some bigger than others?  The different house systems, their effects and consequences

- Does it matter where in the house the planets are? What about cusp planets? We discuss the concept of the 'intensity curve' of energy in a house, and what that means for students' planets.

2nd evening: 

- Further intro, particularly the meaning of all the house axes I-VII, II-VIII, III-IX, IV-X, V-XI, and VI-XII. 

- The Ascendant as our natural presence, the place from which we relate to ourselves and meet the world, and how it is colored through planets nearby. How does the Descendant contrast and complement it? The encounter axis.

- The meaning of the ruling planet of the chart and of its position in a particular house.

- The meaning of Nadir and Midheaven: The individuation axis, with discussion of students’ examples.

Following 6 evenings:  

The 12 astrological houses in particular.

They represent a range of scenarios and areas in human life, in a cycle from personal to interpersonal to transpersonal experiences. We go in depth through each house, to gain a good understanding of the related life areas, and apply it to the specific significance of students’ planets therein. We also discuss how opposing houses complement each other in an axis.

3rd evening: Houses I and II: Outer self and resources

4th evening: Houses III and IV: Learning / relating to environment, and past / ancestry / home 

5th evening: Houses V and VI: Play/ children, and work / health

6th evening: Houses VII and VIII: Significant others / partners, and deep involvements / transformation

7th evening:  Houses IX and X: Studies, worldview / travel, and purpose / career

8th evening: Houses XI and XII: Groups / peers / co-creative projects, and inner self that relates to all-that-is, transcendence and universality.        



Level III: Planetary Patterns, Aspects, and Aspect Configurations - 8 weeks 


For students with basic knowledge of elements, modalities, signs, planets, AC / MC, and houses.


This level is synthesizing and integrative, as we explore how the planets in a birth chart (which represent archetypal parts of our psyche) resonate and interrelate with one another, and how we can consciously express their whole dynamic as we evolve.  

From the curriculum:  

*  The planetary patterns (like bowl, bundle, hourglass...) give a first visual impression of the distribution of planets in a chart, and tell us how inner parts and 'groupings' of the psyche relate to each other.

*  The 7 major aspects with their different 'flavour' (as indicated via colors red, blue and green), and their particular  affinities to planetary energies (e.g. trines have Jupiter quality of opportunities, while squares are intrinsically Martian, and require energy release).  

* How does an unaspected planet operate, and how can its archetype be actualized?

* Planetary aspect configurations: Closed circuits or 'gestalt' figures between planets show the synergistic effect that the total is more than the sum of its parts. They may indicate themes of stress, opportunity, ambivalence, stimulation, or learning. We discuss how we can be in tune with the creative potential of either.

On this very crucial level, we tie all the astrological building blocks (elements, modalities, planets, signs, houses, aspects) together, which takes us to a synthesis of the whole birth chart. 

After the Aspects class, you have a great tool box for Chart Synthesis, and a foundation for Transits.




Chart Interpretation Practice for Advanced Students 

Next course on request (customized to small group)

For advanced students (familiar with planets, signs, houses, and aspects, ideally also transits) who would like to tie the basic ingredients and tools together, and practice birth chart synthesis and interpretation in a co-creative environment, with feedback and direction. 

* At each 2 1/2 hour meeting, we co-interpret one or two charts brought to the class by one of the participants. The discussion will be CD recorded.

*  Students who haven’t taken the 3 basic levels, require solid knowledge of signs, planets, AC and houses, aspects and aspect configurations to join the class

* Drop in, or punch-card for 4 or 6 meetings (unused 'punches' can be used for other 2 1/2 hr workshops). 



Level IV: Planetary Transits and Cycles - 8 weeks 


For students who are familiar with basic chart interpretation - Level III, or equivalent background.


The dynamic side of astrology

Find out how challenging or auspicious times in our lives are mirrored by on-going planetary stimulation of birth planets = transits. Learn how to align with the deeper evolutionary initiation that is offered through transits. Transiting planets have their specific cycles around the Zodiac (12-year Jupiter cycle, 29 –year Saturn cycle, 84-year Uranus cycle) that stimulate everyone at certain age phases. The midlife transits are the most crucial example. Plus, planets have cycles with each other (e.g. the socio-economical 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle) which affect individuals but also historical developments.

We learn about all the components of this very crucial feature in Astrology that is the heart of every consultation session, practicing hands-on with real-life examples from the students, so it is also a transit group encounter.

We explore the different effects of all the major planets' (Jupiter to Pluto) cycles and transits. Find out how to determine their course throughout time, and how to interpret those interwoven patterns.

If you have studied transits before, you are most welcome to join us for fine tuning and practicing, for the whole class, or by dropping in.




Level V: Progressions - 5 weeks 


For students who are familiar with basic chart interpretation - Level III, or equivalent background.

This course is the natural next level after Transits, and very useful if not necessary to do a substantial AstroBiography.


* Progressions show one's deeper long term evolution, and the arc of life.

* Find out how planetary movements after birth mirror the gradual journey of the soul over the entire lifetime, beyond the cyclical developmental processes, as indicated by transits.

* Get to know the two most commonly used methods by astrologers: Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc Progressions. 

* Progressions, like transits, can be used as a prognostic tool, to guide us on our present and upcoming journey in alignment with our natural laws, and in hindsight, to shed light on past developments in life, and showing how the threads of life experiences and transitions are uniquely and meaningfully woven together into the bigger fabric of our journey.

* Learn how to live in accordance with these gradual transformational shifts of your life.

* This class is also complementary to and a great preparation asset for the following AstroBiography workshop, as it adds another powerful tool that provides insights around one’s evolution, and helps with understanding one’s life journey. 

*  As always in the classes and workshops, we will work directly with participants' charts and experiences and immediately apply the theory in a customized way into practice., which serves as a very personalized way of illustrating the learning.

1st evening:
Introduction of Progressions as a dynamic method, besides and beyond Transits.
The two different modalities of Secondary and Solar Arc Progressions, illustrated with participants' calculated charts.
2nd evening :
The progressed Sun. Which years did it change signs and houses? What are the implications?
The progressed Moon with its 29-year cycle, aligned with the Saturn transit cycle. Significant past and the recent lunar progressions in participants.
Intro to the Progressed Lunation Cycle.
3rd and 4th evening:
Integration of progressed Sun & Moon, and introduction of other progressed personal planets, AC, and MC.
Meaning of progressed planets going direct or retro.
5th evening: 
We compare and connect Progressions with Transits.


5-week course: $ 144 
20% discount for low income




Level VI: Relationship Series, Part 1 

Synastry (Chart Comparison)= Relatedness and Compatibility - 6 weeks 


For students who are familiar with basic individual chart interpretation (Levels I-III, or equivalent). Not necessary: Knowledge of transits/progressions.


In this first part of the Relationship series, we  

- evaluate individual relational themes in each person,

- explore common, compatible, and complementary themes, by comparing their individual birth charts (and also, if wished, present transits). 

- use the Synastry tool which indicates how an intimate couple,  two friends, family members, business partners, etc. respond to each others’ energies, and what they trigger in each other.

- discuss how the particular dynamic can be turned into a creative, synergistic and evolutionary process for both people.


Level VII: Relationship Series, Part 2 

Composite (Common Chart) = The Characteristics of the Relationship - 6 weeks

For students who are familiar with basic individual chart interpretation (Levels I-III, or equivalent). Not necessary: Knowledge of transits/ progressions. Familiarity with Synastry recommendable but not essential.


The Composite chart is, besides the Synastry, a widely used tool for relationship consulting. 

We go beyond the relatedness, interaction and compatibility between the two partners (as indicated by Synastry) to a deeper level, by interpreting the image of the synergistic 'third entity': The relationship as such that is being co-created by the couple / team: The whole is more than the sum of its parts! 

The Composite shows us the effects of the particular 'alchemy' or fusion of being energetically involved with one another, and which themes and issues are brought up for both partners together that weren't obvious before (partners by themselves, or in the encounter / dating phase). With this instrument, the meaning of these themes that both people constellate together can be made conscious. 

It is fascinating to see how with a different partner a whole different kind of 'alchemy' comes up, which the respective Composite would show.


For a shorter version:

The Essentials - Basic Tools in a Nutshell:


Astrology and Relationships

Relationship Factors in Each Chart, 



Intro evening and one day ws $ 111

Again on request (customized to small group)




Fees for the courses above (unless mentioned):


$ 244  / 8 classes of 2 1/2 hrs each, or  5 classes of 4 hrs each (20 hrs)


$ 122  / 4 classes of 2 1/2 hrs each (10 hrs)


$ 99  / 3 classes of 2 1/2 hrs each (7,5 hrs)


20% discount for unwaged  / low income


Drop-in $ 33 / low income $ 25

Punch cards for drop-in workshops: $ 122 / 4,  $ 166 / 6. 

Low income $ 99 / 4 and $ 133  / 6

Includes hand-outs, learning information via email, colour print of one's own charts and photocopies of all other participants’ charts. 


New participants: $ 20 for the first time drop-in.  

Repeat courses are half price!

Bring a friend who is new to the groups and pay $ 20 each


Please be mindful of the 24-hr cancellation policy for drop-in workshops!


Missed classes will be recorded for registered absent students, audio file can be emailed, and you receive a 20 min fill-in session!

Audio files of courses or workshops can be purchased for $ 10 each.



Level VIII: Geographic Astrology

Planetary Worldmap, Relocation Charts, and Location Compatibility - 6 weeks 


For participants who are familiar with basic individual chart interpretation, as well as (for Location Compatibility segment) Synastry and Composite. Not necessary: Knowledge of transits/ progressions. 


Learn how to use 3 tools that are crucial for relocation, one's relationship to different countries, regions, and cities in the world, and significant others who come from those places:


*  The Planetary Worldmap is like a personal multidimensional 'geographic archetypal meridian map':

The Planetary Worldmap is a great 'navigation tool' to scan for regions in the world where particular planetary archetype themes (like belonging / home, relatedness, establishing oneself in career and society, etc.) are powerfully brought out. It can be used in preparation for long term travel or relocation to already envisioned locations, in retrospect to understand and integrate certain past experiences with worldwide exposure, or to scan for yet undetermined potential relocation places that would reinforce, stimulate or tone down one's given planetary energies.

Each student will be equipped with their own Planetary Worldmap which will be explored in the group. Info material will help with follow-up navigation and research after the workshop.


*   Relocation Charts are like 'magnifying glasses' of the Planetary Worldmap:

They show how one's (virtual) chart looks like, at a residence different from one's birth place. The relocation AC changes, to the effect of a new way of self relating. Relocation planets fall into different houses than birth planets, so that certain areas of life, be it relationships, work, career and purpose, retreat, home, children and creativity, etc., are emphasized in new ways at places of relocation, which can be challenging or opening new possibilities, in comparison to one's birth chart orientation. Relocation charts reflect new opportunities and necessities to relate to the relocation environment with one's intrinsic potential. The relocation chart is relevant for a radius of about 200 km around the relocation place. 

Each student will be equipped with two relocation charts of their choosing which will be discussed and compared with their birth charts.


*  Location Compatibility shows one's 'relationship' with a city or town:

Fine tuning even further, location compatibility indicates how one goes into energy exchange with a particular city or town, and what personality facets the place brings out,  as if the location was a partner.

It explains why one feels more compatible with the 'vibes' of a particular town than another one close by (which would have the same relocation chart energy). We will discuss the general meaning of Location Synastry (how do I match with the energies of that town? What do I have energetically in common with the locale? Where are tensions and areas to work with, where are opportunities?) and Location Composite (which kind of 'relationship' wants to be created with that place when residing there long term - business and work, social life, studies, retired, leisure and fun, transformational catalyst, etc.).

Each student will be equipped with a Synastry and a Composite chart for  a town / city of their choosing. It might be necessary to research date (time?) of incorporation for smaller towns that aren't in my data base.



$ 199 / whole 6-week course

$ 77 / each module = 2 evenings (Woldmap, Relocation, Location Compatibility)

20% discount for unwaged  / low income

Includes hand-outs, colour print of your personal birth chart, Worldmap chart, two Relocation charts of your choosing, Location Compatibility charts.


Or, as a shorter version:

The Essentials - Basic Tools in a Nutshell:

Geographic Astrology

Intro evening and one day ws $ 111

Again in Fall or on request (customized to small group)






Workshops & Series


Monthly Transit Workshops 



 ALL levels, drop-in

For updates and detailed description, please sign up at and you will be informed  and invited via email. 



$ 33 drop-in 

$ 27 / low income 

$ 20 first timers

$ 122 / punch card for 4 workshops reg. / $ 99 low income, 

Bring a friend who is new to the workshops and pay $ 20 each




Planet Parlour - 

Monthly Planetary Transits in Your Own Chart and Life 


Presently offered for customized groups - at YOUR home



For more in-depth transit information, you are welcome to sign up for the Astro News, by sending me an email,.

In the 2 1/2-hour workshop, we discuss with feedback and direction the monthly astrological themes of the participants. Find out about general planetary trends and your personal transits  for the month, how to 'navigate' by the cosmic cycles, while releasing attachment, and being 'in the hub' of what comes up.

Enhance self-awareness and interconnectedness with the universe, in a small, eclectic group of like-minded participants! An alternative or complement to a personal Astrology session.

We monitor most of the planetary and lunar cycles that are 'on' for the up-coming month, and how they are relevant in our lives, here and now. Small groups guarantee that the discussion can be geared to every participant's personal experience. Go home equipped with insight into present and upcoming trends, and with directions how to align with them freely and creatively.



$ 33 drop-in 

$ 25 / low income

$ 20 first timers

$ 122 / punch card for 4 workshops reg. / $ 99 low income, 

Bring a friend who is new to the workshops and pay $ 20 each





Planetary Archetypes


Prometheus (Uranus the Awakener Archetype)

capturing the Fire of the Gods for Humanity


Planetary Archetypes  



Sun - Creative Spirit

Moon - Care and Belonging

Mercury - Communication and Skillfulness

Venus - Attraction and Pleasure

Mars - Sex, Fight and Assertion

Lilith - Instinctual Unconditioned Feminine

Asteroid Goddesses I & II - Cultivation: Pallas - Father Daughter Mother, and Ceres - Daughter Mother 

and Relatedness: Juno - Wife, and Vesta - Virgin / Priestess

Jupiter -Trust, Growth and Understanding

Saturn - Lessons and Maturity

Chiron - Wisdom though Healing Journey

Uranus - Freedom and Breakthrough

Neptune - Transcendent Union and Bliss

Pluto - Power, Magic, and Transformation

The Lunar Nodes - Karmic Pathways of Release and Integration



ALL levels


Participate via Skype if you can't come in person!


$ 33 drop-in 

$ 27 / low income

$ 20 first timers

$ 122 / punch card for 4 workshops reg. / $ 99 low income, 

Bring a friend who is new to the workshops and pay $ 20 each




Welcome to another round of this experiential 16-week drop-in series on Planetary Archetypes which has been quite popular over the last years! 

We get to know one by one and in-depth the 'planetary players' in your birth chart. Planets were named after the ancient mythological gods and goddesses. In modern times, they represent archetypal parts of our psyche, which are the core of psychological and spiritual astrology and key to its manifold applications. 

Archetypes, as introduced by C.G. Jung and cultivated by Joseph Campbell and others, are timeless and culture transcending human experiences and aspects of our psyche which show up in myths, folk stories, fairy tales and dreams, and that we all deal with as we go through life. In astrology, we find them as:


Sun - Father: Creative spirit;

Moon - Mother: Care, home, and belonging;

Mercury - Messenger: Mind and communication;

Venus - Beloved: Inner feminine, erotic expression, attraction, pleasure, and relatedness;

Mars - Warrior: Inner primal masculine, sex, fight, and assertion;

Lilith - Wild Woman: Instinctual, 'untamed' feminine power;  

Asteroids Pallas, Ceres, Juno and Vesta: 'Father daughter', 'daughter mother', wife, priestess-virgin

Jupiter - Mentor: Trust, growth and understanding;

Saturn - Master: Lessons and Maturity

Chiron - Wounded Healer / Shaman: Wisdom through healing journey;

Uranus – Prometheus the Awakener: Freedom and breakthrough;

Neptune - Divine: Transcendent union and bliss;

Pluto - Magician: Power of transformation and evolution;

The Lunar Nodes - Karmic Pathways: Releasing of old habitual needs, and embracing new avenues..


We explore in depth what the Planetary Archetypes symbolize, mythologically, psychologically, spiritually, and historically / societally,  and how we can recognize their energy daily in our interactions and in our personal evolution, in the culture and in the world at large. .                           

As always in these personally customized classes, we will apply the understanding to each participant's chart and life. Significant questions will be discussed that trigger experiences with each archetype and can be catalysts for understanding them 'from the inside out'. The meetings are also geared to stimulate one's creativity, as we explore playful ways of encountering and integrating the 'inner gods and goddesses'.

A very flexible set-up allows you to either come to the whole series, drop-in at one particular archetype of interest, or at several of them. 

Free introduction!

In the following weeks, we feature one archetype per meeting, with plenty of room for discussion and practical illustration in participants' charts and lives. 

From a psycho-spiritual perspective, the set of archetypes in the chart is a 360º theatre that sets up all sort of drama to 'entertain' us and play out conditioning. If we can recognize archetypal parts of the psyche as they show up. we can step out of the identification, and dwell as the observer in the emptiness at the center and hub of the wheel.

This series shows us the characteristics of each archetype, and how it tends to play itself out individually. Knowing about these 'human conditionings' and acknowledging them can help with release.



Whole 16-week series: 

$ 444 / $ 333 low income


$ 33 drop-in 

$ 27 / low income

$ 20 first timers


$ 122 / punch card for 4 workshops reg. / $ 99 low income, 

Bring a friend who is new to the workshops and pay $ 20 each






Planets Alive - Your Living Breathing Birth Chart  



Half-day experiential Astrology workshop for all levels

For participants with basic knowledge of Astrology, particularly of the Planetary Archetypes and signs of the Zodiac.. The Planetary Archetype series is the perfect preparation, but not a prerequisite

* Participants bring each others' charts to life, by positioning themselves as the Planetary Archetypes (from Sun to Pluto) in a 3-D circle in space wherever these planets are actually placed in the constellated chart. Aspect relationships can be naturally experienced, with the option of also expressing the dynamics of transits. 
* Experience Astrology and your own chart visually and creatively, with its Planetary Archetypes coming to life! 
* Additionally to learning via classes, or having a personal consultation session, this is an amazing experiential way of integrating the astrological dynamics, incl. on-going transits. 
* It helps the chart owner feel holistically connected with his / her chart, as it comes to life, and as representatives spontaneously, simply(!) and authentically (without needing to know anything about the chart, or even about Astrology) voice and express the dynamics of the planets. 
* And as a planetary representative, you gain a new and powerful felt sense of the Planetary Archetypes. Quite magical, in fact!
* Planetary representatives not only stand for Archetypes, but may also represent family members and partners; therefore family dynamics and one's role in the 'clan' or in the relationship can be addressed as well. 
* The workshop is inspired by elements of AstroDrama and Family Constellation work, yet doesn't intend to be psychotherapeutic but a living experience of one's chart that raises awareness and integrates the parts. 
* No performance skills needed (or even wanted!). Just openness, curiosity, imagination, and: be yourself!

With your registration, please indicate whether you would like to have your own chart set up, and / or be one of the Planetary Representatives . If your own chart is being set up, you will in the course of the workshop also have the opportunity to step into the positions of your Archetypes, to feel them 'from the inside out'.


$ 55  / chart owner  (Planetary representative in the other constellation)

$ 33 / Planetary Archetype representative  for both charts

20% discount for unwaged  / low income 





 Special Interest & The Essentials Workshops 


Astrology for Mothers and Children 



ALL levels, women and men welcome

2-part workshop



The Moon with its 27½ -day Zodiac cycle and 29-day solunar cycle (from one New Moon to the next) is intrinsically connected to the feminine cyclical and nurturing nature. 

The Mother-Child experience is the most primal and primordial in our life time, from womb time on, with 'Mother' representing the all-providing universe  from which we gradually individuate in life, so that we ourselves are able to fulfill our needs, and nurture our emotions.

And as grown-up women and mothers, and as men with natural nurturing instincts, we biologically, physically, or emotionally, keep nurturing our children and are nurtured by life itself.  

Themes of home, family, roots, early conditioning, belonging, the ebb and flow of emotions, eating habits, giving ourselves pampering and rest, and taking care of our own and others’ needs (without creating co-dependency), and many related issues come up with the Moon in the astrological birth chart. The Moon position in astrological sign, house, and aspects is unique for everybody, and shows us how to best tend to OUR unique needs and how to extend care and nurturing in a way that suits us too.

The Moon is the key in the mother (or otherwise emotional care taker parent) - child relationship, esp. in the early stages of life. The position of the mother’s and child’s astrological Moon (sign, house, aspects) gives valuable insights to live that particular lunar theme in inner harmony and authenticity. Knowing about both can help you as a mother to best respond to your own needs while care taking, and to get a perspective on the child's unique nature.

In the Intro workshop, the Moon themes will therefore be a first important focus.

In the In-Depth part of the workshop, we explore and honour, using participants’ and their children’s individual birth charts plus Synastry charts between them, the relationship between mother and children of all ages. And for participants who aren’t mothers, we explore how your relationship with your mom or primary care taker can be lived most authentically.  

Participants at the in-depth workshop receive complimentary charts for their mom and one child plus Synastry charts with them which we will explore to gain insights into the family dynamics. Extra charts for other family members (which we don't have time for in the workshop) are $ 5 each.



$ 99 Full workshop

$ 33 Intro only / $ 20 for first timers to the workshops

20% discount for unwaged  / low income


Participant's testimonial:


"I’m sure glad I attended. WOW!!! What an eye-opener this was for me, particularly seeing her birth chart. I have no conscious memory of my Mom as she died shortly before my fourth birthday yet now I can now see how much of her resides within me.

This workshop proved most beneficial. First, it gave rise to my relationship with my Mom, and second, of whom my Mom was as a person. The workshop also gave me a much deeper appreciation of the loving and caring relationship we must have shared during the few short years we spent together. I now better appreciate the person she was and also, the person I have become."


Ted, Planetary Archetypes, Transit workshops, and Astrology for Mothers & Children




Astrology for Fathers and Children 





For fathers: Explore your relationship with your child(ren)

Women, and men who are not fathers: Explore your relationship with your dad.

ALL levels, women and men welcome

2-part workshop



The Sun with its yearly Zodiac cycle and 29-day solunar cycle (from one New Moon to the next) is intrinsically connected to the masculine creative nature, and the light of consciousness. 

The Father-Child experience ideally shows welcoming support, provides security, encouragement and guidance for a child, and inspires the child to play and be creative.


Themes of creative leadership, confidence, connection with spirit and consciousness, health and vitality, and many related issues come up with the Sun in the birth chart. The Sun position in astrological sign, house, and aspects is unique for everybody, and shows us how to be fully ourselves, show our colours, and be generous and creative.

Sun themes in participants' charts and life experiences will therefore be a first important focus.

Other father related planetary archetypes are Jupiter (mentor, inspiration, benevolent 'coach') and Saturn (authority and one's own integrity - after 'rubbing against' the parents) show up in the experiences with dad.

Going deeper, we will explore and honour, using participants’ and their fathers' or children’s individual birth charts, the relationship between fathers and children of all ages. F or participants who aren’t fathers, we explore how your relationship with your dad or primary male guidance can be integrated and lived most authentically from the inside out.  

Participants receive complimentary charts for their dad or one child which we will explore to gain insights into the family dynamics. Extra charts for other family members (which we don't have time for in the workshop) are $ 5 each.



$ 99 Full workshop

$ 33 Intro only / $ 20 for first timers to the workshops

20% discount for unwaged  / low income




Workshop for Women:

Our Fathers - Our Partners

ALL levels, small group (limit 6 participants)


Pallas Athena, the 'Father's Daughter', 

born out of Zeus's forehead


Specifically designed for women, this workshop takes us further into the terrain:


Join us for an evening of semi-private astrological guidance and perspective on how the experiences with your dad have shaped your Inner Masculine and Inner Husband.

Very apropos the experience a lot of us are having presently, under the Venus Passage over the Sun on June 6, and continued Venus retro (on until June 27) where a renewed free and self radiating Feminine is emerging, and Saturn retro (until June 25) in Libra (the relationship sign of the Zodiac) which shows how we have been loyal to old (soul) contracts which have come to limit us and which we are outgrowing now.

We will take a good look at the archetypes of your inner father, the spirit of the father vs. the inner masculine, and also the Pallas Athena asteroid in the chart as the 'Father's Daughter' archetype.

Participants receive complimentary charts for themselves, their dad, and a partner which we will discuss, to gain insights into and guidance for the dynamics.



$ 44 reg.  / $ 33 low income




AstroSomatics - Health and Wellness in Your Chart

2-part workshop
New extended version!




We gather in a small group (of max. 6 participants) for a 2 1/2 hr intro and a 5-hr learning and practice journey.

ALL levels

Please bring your chart or give me your birth info if I don't have it yet.


Astrology is truly holistic!

The interconnected system of body-mind-spirit is reflected in the birth chart:

The Ascendant, as well as particular planetary Archetypes in their Zodiac positions, houses, and aspect angles in an individual chart, and dynamic transit cycles, can show us the interaction between physical, psychological, mental, and spiritual health. 


But you don't have to be an astrologer and aware of all these technicalities to join.

Find out, directly applied to yourself, where to look for particular body functions, dispositions, metabolism, energy level, general stressors and sensitivities, potential times of stress, and how to consciously, lovingly, and pro-actively embrace the Archetype that is involved for you, so that it doesn’t need to get your attention via ‘somatizing’ in the body.   


This topic is obviously quite extensive, and some astrologers fully specialize in the specifics of 'Medical Astrology' - not our purpose in the workshop.


Thursday: 2 1/2 hrs Introduction and Orientation with some examples. Requests for focus on Saturday are being taken. 
The 5-hr workshop on
Saturday is geared to introduce and practice AstroSomatics through examples (so yes, please DO come with your health issues, and share those on Thu with us!):


- We explore, using participants’ charts, how deeper, underlying and interwoven themes may manifest via disease - if they aren't creatively expressed otherwise - and how they COULD be expressed in a different way than via physical symptoms.


Just as in the homeopathic approach of “like attracts and heals like”, the problem / poison is also the key for the remedy:

- We address the overall message of the system and the specific and unique requirement for its integration, in times of health challenges. Very relevant now with Saturn in Scorpio.

- In retrospect, we can gain a better understanding of past processes that were triggered by health crises in our lives, and how we can clear them. 

- We find out how to individually support the overall Yin-Yang flow of life energy.

This is also very apropos the present transit influence of Neptune (Oneness) in Pisces, since Feb 3, 2012, for 13 years, in unison with Chiron (Wounded Healer) in Pisces, since 2011. Both are a big focus 2011 - 2013: Oneness IS the Healing Agent.

THU intro:
$ 33 reg.
$ 25 low income
$ 20 newcomers, and bring-a-friend (who is new to our groups) rate

Punch cards apply / available at $ 122 reg. / $ 99 low income

SAT all day:
$ 88 reg. 
$ 66 low income and bring-a-friend rate 
for the Full Day workshop

Whole workshop Thu and Sat:

$ 99 / $ 77 (low income)


Sabian Symbols for Your Chart



9°Capricorn in the Sabian Symbols (Pluto's Zodiac position in most of 2012!)

"An Angel Carrying a Harp - 

Keynote: The Revelation of the Spiritual Meaning and Purpose at the Core of any Life Situation"



As you noticed, I have been called to introduce to you the 'mysterious' channeled Sabian Symbols over the last year (or longer?) as they show up - very synchronistically apropos! - for the respective degrees of the upcoming New and Full Moon, and other significant transit alignments and positions of planets.

Since AstroNews readers have inquired I feel now it's time to share this fantastic esoteric tool and make it easily accessible.

Find out how to apply the Sabian Symbols to key factors (Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Chart Ruler, and to be determined unique personal Archetypes) in your own chart! Let's discuss and intuit, in a guided astro-sophical round, while practically learning about YOUR Astrology. This is an absolute 101 intro group. Follow-ups can be coordinated.

Please purchase Dane Rudhyar's classic paperback "An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases" -  via Amazon (not available anymore in local book stores). It will be the foundation of our workshop, and you go home equipped with tools to apply - for many long Winter evenings.


$ 33 reg.
$ 27 low income
$ 20 newcomers, and bring-a-friend (who is new to our groups) rate

Punch cards apply / available at $ 122 reg. / $ 99 low income




Astrology and Career - Profession, Calling, and Life Purpose in Your Chart




ALL levels

2-part workshop

Again on request (customized to small group)



For participants with basic astrological understanding (who have taken at least level I or with equivalent knowledge).


A very earthy tone of slow moving Pluto in (Saturn ruled) Capricorn (Jan 2009 - 2023) has been urging us to ground ourselves, and dedicate our resources to a purpose that serves the collective, beyond personally driven 'career'. Many people have been in personal transformational career crisis, and can't continue to contribute to the status quo system.

So where is one's calling and professional purpose to be found, esp. in our profoundly and intensely changing times?

Astrology offers tools to determine where to direct one's resources purposefully and in a fulfilling way. Find out which factors to look for as one's dharma, or spiritual purpose, where (esp. but not only professional) mastery is calling (while procrastination is futile, and avoidance is depressing), and which qualities need to be in place for a naturally fitting career (be it independent, caring, inventive, exciting, stabilizing, grounded, adventurous, etc.) which also represents individuation (or 'psychological growing up') in one's life. And, to bring it into the here-now experience: What are present and upcoming career cycles and themes?

This concentrated 2-part workshop helps with

- increased self understanding and empowered purposeful direction in life and

- a solid and practically applied approach on 2 levels:

The first evening offers a basic intro to career related themes in Astrology which the participants are invited to ingest and examine. The second evening serves to deepen the understanding, as we explore those themes practically, using participants’ charts. We address the overall chart messages, in times of present career crisis, opportunities or challenges, or in retrospect for past processes. And we find out how to support a purposeful direction of our life energy, also in the context of the present transformational times..  


$ 111 Full workshop

$ 33 Intro only 

20% discount for unwaged  / low income






Astrology and 'Money' - Wealth and Finances in Your Chart



ALL levels

2-part workshop

Again on request (customized to small group) 


For students with basic astrological understanding (who have taken at least level I or with equivalent knowledge).


Find out how money, self validation and self esteem are connected as a theme in Astrology, and where to look for your income capacity, business faculties, what you have to offer, and which resources in you can be validated and translated into $$$. Also, what wealth means for you. Is caution or adventure leading you? What could be a sensible investment approach, given your intrinsic nature? What are your present and upcoming financial cycles?


This topic is obviously quite extensive, and some astrologers specialize fully in financial (incl. investment) Astrology. The workshop aims to help with increased self understanding and financial empowerment as a practically applied introduction on 2 levels: The first evening offers a basic intro to finance, money, and wealth related themes in Astrology. The second evening serves to deepen the understanding, as we explore it practically, using participants’ charts. We address the overall messages of participants' charts and lives, in times of present financial opportunities or challenges, or in retrospect for past processes that were triggered by financial crises. And we find out how to support the overall flow of our life energy, via money and exchange of resources, and in the context of these transformational times...


$ 111 Full workshop

$ 33 Intro only

20% discount for unwaged  / low income







Family and Ancestral Astrology - Origin, Dynamics, Evolution



Intro and 2-day workshop


For students with astrological background (understanding of signs, planets, houses, aspects, ideally also Synastry)


Be prepared for eye-openers about the dynamics within your family system!  

- By setting up the birth charts of significant members in your nuclear and extended family (be it ancestors, parents, siblings, children), and by comparing them with each other in a systematic as well as intuitive way, we develop tools to scan for themes and patterns that run through families.

- 'Element allies’ and complementary ‘black sheep’, Lunar and Martian themes of how the ‘tribe’ tends to respond, interact emotionally, and handle conflict and assertion, who in the family tends to be a ‘scape goat’, outsider and / or catalyst who might take on unexpressed themes of the rest, and many more themes will be brought up.

- Also the theme of how (new) partners / spouses fit into the blood family will be addressed.  

- All these dynamics naturally reflect sides in all the members, yet everybody plays their 'cast'. 

- It can be revealing how we tend to unconsciously perpetuate originally acquired projections ("mom is the martyr", etc.) in intimate relationships.

- In my consultation practice and research, I also observed that certain astrologically determinable potentials of previous generations are being actualized in their descendants. It can be very rewarding to see how in family systems a string of evolution is being passed on. And you as part of the presently alive generation can honour the legacy, by consciously offering the gifts from the ancestors that come to fruition in your life to a liberated evolution of the whole family..

On the first full day workshop, after the evening introduction, we explore family themes of the  participants and their family members individually, plus dynamic processes they are presently on (via planetary transits), and then compare the family members with each other, to scan for common / complementary themes.

On the second full day workshop, we explore the particular interdynamics of the participants with all their introduced family members, via the instrument of Synastry (chart comparison), to go deeper, and find where their energies meet, clash, compete, etc., and which creative ways of being authentic with each other and oneself can be found. 


$ 199 Full workshop (Intro and two full days) 

$ 33 Intro  only 

20% discount for unwaged  / low income

Includes hand-outs, colour print of your personal birth chart and of 3 family members' charts, plus photocopies of other participants' and their families' charts. 








2 extended evening (3 1/2 hrs each) workshops over 2 weeks for advanced students 

Next workshop on request (customized to small group) 


For students with solid knowledge of chart interpretation, including transits and ideally also progressions (classes up to Level V or equivalent) and awareness of own chart.


* Would you like to understand the whole span of your life, with all its evolutionary cycles you have been going through, while learning applied astrology at its best? 

* In this workshop, you will be equipped with the tools for recording the 'history of your life' in a way that can be evaluated astrologically. 

* You will learn to understand processes in your past from a bigger perspective which will turn quite a few 'light bulbs' on. 

* Realize how you have been responding to cosmic energies over an extended time, and raise consciousness for your present and future evolution. 

* If you continue the writing and evaluation practice the valuable effects will be on-going.

* Past AstroBio groups opted for bi-monthly follow-up meetings and coaching in the continued process which will be offered again.


$ 99  (3 1/2 hrs each week = 7 hrs)

includes 1/2 hour individual coaching over the phone during the process of the workshop.

$ 33 per follow-up meeting (punch cards in effect)

Repeat workshops are half price!

20% discount for unwaged  / low income





VOYAGER TAROT Workshop Series


Voyager XXI: The Universe


Voyager Tarot & Astrology  


ALL levels  

8-week course 



For participants on all levels, incl. newcomers with basic astrological understanding.

Learn to work and create with the Voyager Tarot deck - a fantastic intuitive divination tool that can be consulted any time, in connection with Astrology, or by itself


This modern and universal card oracle ("Know Thyself!") is very visual and accessible for everybody, compared with more esoteric traditional Tarot systems that require an 'expert reader' or in-depth studies. The beauty and versatility of Voyager is that it can be experienced on many levels of depth, and used in combination with Astrology (in fact, it contains a lot of astrological symbolism) or all by itself:

See yourself in the oracular universe! 


In my in-person Astrology sessions that include a Voyager card or a small spread, I find it fascinating how the Tarot mirrors blind spots or subconscious material of the psyche, and affirms the inner direction that is often veiled or denied by the client but waiting to be revealed. AHHH!

For the client, a magical sense of remembrance arises, and the (always unique) meaning of the card/s can be integrated. It is amazing how the 'perfect cards' show up that illustrate and complement the astrological themes. Yet, as we set a clear intention, create a container for the card ritual, and hold sacred space the 'synchronicity effect' is actually not surprising.


Most of my regular clients LOVE the weaving together of Astrology and Voyager Tarot in the session, and so do I.

They are truly a very synergistic match that magically merge, and serve the client with mutually affirming images and symbolism, and it's wonderful to marry them over and over again.


In the workshop series, we will explore the ancient art of Tarot, using the archetypal "Voyager" deck with its  holistic system of modern, yet timeless cross cultural photo collages, and also connect its symbolism with the astrological system. A basic background in Astrology would be great to see cross-references, yet isn't required.


- We practice hands-on Tarot readings for oneself and another in each class. 

- We weave astrological themes into the interpretation.

- We practice how how to ask honest, clear, empowering questions, and how to select cards or create a spread.


Please purchase your own Voyager deck (available at Instinct on  Broad St.,  Victoria   BC) to familiarize yourself with the cards before we learn more about them and practice hands-on.

Missed classes will be audio taped and the recording emailed to participants.


This workshop series is very complementary to any Astrology course, esp. the Beginners course, and the Planetary Archetypes drop-in series where we also use the Voyager cards for illustration.



$ 244 / 8 weeks of 2 1/2 hrs each

$ 199  low income

Practice group: 

$ 33 / $ 27 low income per meeting (punch cards in effect)



Voyager Tarot Practice

 ALL levels, esp. for participants in the recent workshops. 

Newcomers welcome!

Bring a friend who is new to the groups, and each of you save 50%!


Once monthly,  please inquire 


Testimonial from a participant in previous Voyager course and practice groups:

"...I use the Voyager tarot everyday so my intuition has grown and continues to grow in relation to the symbols and how they draw out my unconscious. It is such a healing way to acknowledge the universality of my true essence and also to recognize, process and release the patterns I no longer need.  I am forever grateful for your tarot course. I have introduced the Voyager deck to many others. Some may contact you about your course."


ounts available.








Participants' Testimonials:



"I have taken all the series of Astrology classes with Melanie over the last two years, starting right at the introductory level.

I can still remember myself, struggling to master Signs and Planets! Over this time my knowledge, awareness and  appreciation have gone from being 'very limited' to 'relatively vast'. Along the way, Melanie has imparted enthusiasm and confidence that have allowed me to make the steps at a gradual and manageable pace.  She has also imparted a sense of discipline about Astrological interpretation that is rigorous to the body of knowledge and yet intuitive to the interpreter.  I appreciate that Melanie is a 'modern Astrologer', blending the fields of Astrology and Psychology in her teachings. All in all, I have found her courses very rewarding, stimulating and informative.  I recommend them highly to anyone interested in opening to the vast universe that Astrology awareness provides."  

L. Sh.-R., Levels I - VIII, Planetary Archetypes, Interpretation Practice, Parlours, and special feature workshops



"If you're excited to learn about geographic astrology, the Planetary Worldmap workshop is an awesome place to start.  You can get a lot more out of any of the other workshops if you participate in this foundational day first. Rich and magical, it leaves you stimulated to delve further."
J.S., Level VIII, Parlours, and special feature workshops




“Melanie's astrology course is delightful! As a very knowledgeable and intuitive teacher, she gently prompts and guides the participants into discovering new insights into theirs and other's charts. The classes are informative, fun, and the subject matter always fascinating. Charming and cheerful, Melanie makes everyone feel special, and one leaves the session feeling upbeat and empowered. Melanie's astrology course was time and money well invested!

I've also had private readings with Melanie, and I can honestly say that after trying several other astrologers across Canada, Melanie is by far the best and most accurate and thorough."

G. L., Levels I - III, and one-on-one student



“I completely appreciate the thought and research you put into each week - it is a very comfortable place to be and I have already learned a great deal and feel a lot more confident in my astrological thought - learning about the houses has literally been the piece of the puzzle that was missing for me. Thanks Melanie!”

L. O., Levels II - III and practice group



“Melanie's flexible and personalized approach to teaching us about the fascinating world of astrology has kept me coming back for more. The fun exchange of information and experiences within her classes deepens my self awareness and helps me be better at being me in the world and my relationships. Don't let Saturn hold you back, free your Arian and Sagittarian energies and come along and join us!”

K. Ch., Levels I - III and practice group



“I wanted to thank you for the enjoyable and entertaining courses you provide.  I have learned much more than I expected and had fun too!  I find myself thinking about each class for days after.  The material is well presented and makes one curious and eager for more!”

D. W., Levels I - II



“Thanks for such a wonderful introduction to astrology! I feel great finally having a base and a framework from which to learn!”

D. P., Levels I - III  



"I love the way you help us make sense of our Selves!"

S.B., Levels I - III, Parlours, special feature workshops



"I really  like the way you teach.  Your patience, your kindness -- you are very, very good at explaining - you make it very easy to understand astrology." 

N.F., Level I  



"I liked everything about the courses. I was able to assimilate a fair amount due to the organization of content, personal application to our charts, use of images and archetypes through the Tarot cards and mythological stories (e.g. Chiron) and background reading material. The small group concept allowed to explore and discuss each other's charts and still stay "on track", which Melanie was able to ensure. Melanie creates a warm, stimulating and nurturing environment. I look forward to learning more." 

K.S., Level I - II  



“Melanie's courses are full of life and inspiration... Her fun, intimate, and in-depth method of teaching makes for a very rich, unique and informative astrological experience... Thank you!"

H.S., Level I



"I am wanting to let you know, that I feel that you are a marvelous reader / teacher. That your insights / and communication skills deliver a powerful teaching. The time is now."



"Amazing Voyager session on Tues. You are masterful at eliciting pertinent information to help us address patterns and imprints that we are ready to see. And it is very gentle! I like the group energy working this way." 

C.P., Voyager Tarot series and practice meetings



"I had a fantastic time last night! Thank you! I learned so much that I can apply to my spiritual development! It was a very fun evening and a nice mix of people. I really appreciate all that you did to prepare for the evening and keep us inspired, interested, and informed. I would love to attend another similar astrology event with you in the near future. I will make sure I get out at night and meditate on that beautiful Wesak full moon!"


N.P., Initial participation at Wesak Moon ws.






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