Galaxy, Hubble Space Telescope


Amazing galactic gallery album seen through NASA's Hubble Space Telescope :

You might recognize images of galaxies on the different pages of this www, like the one to the left. 



Solar Eclipses: 

Clear illustration of Solar Eclipses



Wide array of free charts you can create online



Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas - archived interview

Dr. Richard Tarnas' groundbreaking new book Cosmos and Psyche is an in-depth study of astro-psycho-cosmological connections, individually and in human history, and of a renewed cosmological world view as a consequence. Here is the weblink for listening to the archived interview of the author at CBC "Tapestry" program that was broadcast throughout Canada on  March 19, 2006 to such unexpected effect (Cosmos and Psyche went from #2400 to #1 overnight on the Amazon Canada bestseller ranking).



Kepler College: 

Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences, Seattle WA - The new college of astrology in the Western hemisphere. Classes began in 2000.



The Mountain Astrologer:        

The well known astrological magazine online




Most extensive and acknowledged (for its birth data accuracy) VIP chart data bank. 



Chiron and Friends:  

Specializing on Chiron and a variety of centaurian bodies and their interpretation



Lunar Planner and Siderial Astrology: 

Interesting resource for Lunar cycles (with downloadable Lunar calendar), as well as articles on Siderial Astrology / Astronomy themes.


Sabian Symbols: 

Online oracle for Sabian symbols (related to zodiac degrees)


Voyager Tarot: 

Home of the ‘Oracle for the 21st Century’, the modern yet timeless Tarot deck with its cross-cultural archetypal photographic collages, which I use for my readings.



Johfra Bosschart's Zodiac Art: 

View the beautifully depicted Zodiac symbols by Dutch painter Johfra. I use the calendar in my classes for illustration.



Crop Circular:  

Premier site in crop circle research. Lots of explanations.




Mayan and Indigenous teachings




"...where Science and Spirituality meet"

Great resource site on Mayan Calendar by Swedish scientist Carl Johan Calleman




13 Moon Mayan Calendar



Satsang with Susan Broznitsky:

.An invitation to rest in the heart of spacious embodied Beingness. 

I highly recommend Susan's Satsangs in Victoria BC, very profound, safe, and accessible.


...and there are many more www's that I wouldn't even start to list here because 'less is more', but if you are interested in a particular topic, contact me, and I might have a tip for you.


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