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* Your Natal Chart  

“Know thyself!”

An interpretation of your personal birth chart reveals your special 'cosmic code' - the uniqueness of your life within the universe. I offer to assist you in gaining clarity, self-awareness and purpose, through identifying life patterns and themes, as well as hidden talents and opportunities for transformation and healing, learning and growing. Find out how you can integrate these facets constructively, and realize the full potential of your Self. 



* Your Cosmic Trends    


Seize your time!


Based on planetary transits, Solar return charts and progressions, we explore how you can respond to your present and approaching concerns wisely and in alignment with cosmic energies.  Go with the flow, rather than against the current -  be in tune with the natural cycles and trends of your life! Most clients find it very beneficial to check in on their astrological updates from time to time, particularly in transition times. 




* Your Career and Life Purpose   

“Following your bliss…?


If you feel you aren't following your heart's desire or aren't as successful as you would like to be, let's take an in-depth look at what's going on and what potential you are moving toward, from an astrological perspective.  Gain insights, to create powerful changes for the better!




* You and Your Relationships  

Conscious Relationships with 'Significant Others'...  

Relating and communicating happily is one of the key human concerns. Astrology offers tools to indicate the energy compatibility with existing or potential partners: Synastry , a comparison chart that shows the chemistry and energy exchange between you and your partner, and Composite which shows the 'product between the two of you', the kind of relationship you tend to co-create together, a 'third entity' that tends to show up more and more, the longer you are in relationship or live together.

Using these tools, and with intuition and my 13-years experience of working with clients, I help you gain a better understanding of the dynamics with your spouse or intimate partner, with your parents or children, friends, business partner.

Partnership sessions can be set up to shed light at ANY relationship. To comply with my ethical standards I need the consent of the other person

Become more conscious of the particular dynamics with 'significant others', and discover how to relate authentically in any relationship.

* You and Your Health and Wellness  


The holistic system of body-mind-spirit is reflected in the birth chart.  In a wellness oriented session, we address your physical and psychological dis-ease with an archetypal, 'homeopathic' approach of "Like attracts and heals like". Rather than trying to cure, fix, or even suppress the symptoms, I help you going into deeper, underlying, and interwoven often archetypal themes that manifest through the language of the body. 

Examples of what can be addressed in an AstroSomatic session: General constitution, metabolism, sensitivities and their psychological and archetypal background, stressors, lack of energy, suggestions for individual healthy lifestyle and wellness, inner psychic connectedness and deep seated soul themes. In times of health challenges, we address the overall message of the system, and which transition and integration of change is due. 

Purpose and desired outcome of an AstroSomatic session is to inspire my client to (re)connect with the overall flow of life and energy.


* Children's Charts 

Amazing little individuals…

With your child's horoscope, we can address your important questions, like: 

"What is the inherent character and what are the unique talents of my daughter or son?" "How can I better understand the dynamics between us?" "My son / daughter has a whole different character than I do. Why have we come together in this life time, and what can we learn from each other?" "What process is my child going through, and how can I respond to it wisely?" "How can I best support my children on their own life path?"

Understand and appreciate  your relationship with your child better, by discussing the child's chart, and also your common dynamics, by using Synastry and Composite (see Relationship feature above).


* Charts for Life Events and Ventures - Elective Astrology   

'Birthing' your projects...

Are you planning your wedding, business start-up, a big trip, a change of home or job? 

With astrology, we can clarify the significance of these or other events and important projects in your life.  Find out what would be a good time to proceed with your plans, and how to make the most of them, by being in alignment with cosmic energies. Elective Astrology helps you with identifying an auspicious timing for event planning. .



* Relocation Charts, Location Compatibility, Planetary Worldmap  

“Why not Australia?" - "What am I doing here?

Are you presently living in a location different from your place of birth, or planning to relocate or move abroad? There is a geographic side to astrology that might be helpful for your decision:

The Astro-Worldmap features your unique pattern of planetary lines all over the world, a 'roadmap to find power places' on the globe. It shows roughly where on the globe the archetypal energies of the emphasized planets are particularly strong for you, e.g. a Venus line points to heightened experiences of relatedness, values, money, beauty, pleasure, and a Saturn line shows where life might get tough but success can be particularly rewarding.

Relocation charts for particular cities show which intrinsic sides of you (like the maternal, nurturing Lunar side, the confident Jupiterian side, etc.) can be channeled into new areas of life (relationship, career, family, children, etc.) at your place of relocation, different from your birth place. Living at another location in the world might make you much more focused on relationships, creative projects, etc. than you are at your present place of residence. 

If you seriously consider relocating, I strongly recommend coordinating the relocation consultation with an evaluation of your upcoming transits, to find out whether the particular planetary cycles would support the move, or when it might be a better timing.

Location compatibility is a tool to show you how you go into energy exchange with the 'vibes' of a particular city, and which sides of you that location would likely bring out if you lived there. It can help you  understand your relationship with your present residence, or for relocation purposes.


To contact Melanie, and to find out how to set up a consultation, please visit www.islandnet.com/~licht/contact.htm 



Clients' Comments:

"All of your illuminating insights are helping both my partner and me find our ways in our own lives, but also in our ways to each other. I've told everyone I know about you. You are a wonderfully talented astrologer!." K.S.

"More than helpful Very enlightening and life changing." H.I.

"This astrologer is gifted with deep spiritual awareness, and helps you recognize the important signposts on your path." M.D.



Consultation Rates 

(incl. Voyager Tarot card spread, and audio emailed to you)

Initial Session (2 hrs): Cdn$ 144 

Transit Update: Cdn$ 88 / 1 hr; Cdn$ 122 / 90 min; Cdn$ 144 / 2 hrs

Additionally Progressions or Solar Returns: Cdn$ 33 extra each

Relationship Session with Synastry and Composite (after initial session): Cdn$ 155 / 90 min.; Cdn$ 177/ 2 hrs. For relationship dynamics with more than one person in the session: $ 33 per extra partner.

AstroGeo Session with Worldmap, Relocation and / or Location Compatibility : Cdn$ 144 / 2 hrs; $ 166 / 2 1/2 hrs.  Plus Cdn$ 33 for every location (2 hrs with one location: $ 177, 2 1/2 hrs with 3 locations: $ 265)

Mini Session (30 min): Cdn$ 55

 Weekend sessions (Sat & Sun): 10% extra

Please consider the 24-hr Cancellation Policy: To honor my preparation for the client, and my time planning, 50% of the fee, $ 20 minimum is due if a consultation is being cancelled or rescheduled by the client, within 24 hrs before the appointment.

Audio file of the recording will be emailed at no cost.

Universal Currency Converter: http://www.xe.com/ucc/ 


Consultation options - pay via PayPal (fees went up since the PayPal feature was installed, so please pay the correct fee by going to PayPal directly):

Consultation options

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