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Clients’ Testimonials


The astrologer--
with eyes like shooting stars
she maps
a shining path for me
across the heavens...


Melissa Dixon {





I have consulted several astrologers over the years but none with the skill and wisdom that Melanie brings to a reading.  She has given me much insight into the most difficult areas of my life and the spiritual purpose or growth that underlies them.  Her transit readings are particularly helpful to understand current challenges and also the more positive influences that help balance the situation or bring the silver lining.  She is a wise and kind counselor.

D.J. from Victoria {



"Thanks so much for the session.  It was remarkable - practically magical - how your understanding of my transits restored my sense of peace, and raised my level of understanding in a way actually allowed me to resonate at the spiritual level rather than being engrossed in the 3D drama.  It really made it more like a healing session than an informational one.  There is the bigger / macro / heavenly perspective, and then there is the spiritual, which is greater still, and so much more all encompassing."
A.O. {


You are doing an excellent job, Melanie.  You are very supportive in helping a lot of people with your kindness and sensitivity. I would highly recommend you to anyone. If we take astrology as a road map to the fulfillment of our dreams, emulate the archetypes of what the planets represent ,and let them guide the way, we can go a long way in our lives. This is the most positive and uplifting gift we can offer ourselves, and what you offer us also. You present your readings in a creative, inspiring and insightful way; it's a rare gift you have. 

G.H. from Victoria {


I just finished writing out notes (I find that really helps me to absorb the whole thing) on the recording of our session and I wanted to thank you again. You gave me some really great insights. Very rich reading. Thank you. Lots of things percolating! 

L.C. from Victoria. {


"YES! Indeed I wish to thank you very much for your open heart, insightfulness and clarity of expression - you are so good at what you do! I came away with a much deeper understanding of my chart and myself, and I feel so much gratitude. I could not believe the clock when I saw it - it was like I slipped into a time warp. You went on all that  time and were so fresh and welcoming. Thank you for your  generosity in sharing your time, energy, wisdom and spirit. I will definitely refer you to anyone I hear looking for an astrologer, Melanie."
S.B. {


"I'm blessed to have such a wise and profound guide, healer and mythic interpreter in my life"  

J.B. from Sooke {


"I am immensely impressed with the profound way you have developed you expertise. Anyone I know who has gone to see you has always acknowledged this. Even more important, I know that those who come under your guidance are helped to see their lives in a more positive way and that is a gift not many can give. So I applaud you wholeheartedly.".

J.V. {


The past two readings were lifelines for me...I need reassurance, guidance, and encouragement. And your readings have definitely met those needs. So, I feel very comforted to know that from time to time, I can stop in for a new vision/perspective of my self and my life!




More than helpful – very enlightening and life changing.”

H.I. from Victoria {



“It was powerful, exact and insightful. I learned a lot about my relatives; now I understand them better and can treat them differently. It was worth the money.”

I.B. from Germany {


I want to thank you for your loving treatment of my daughter and husband in their consultations. Both were really open when they came home after their readings. I talked to my daughter last evening and she told me "my life is different now".  I asked how and she said "Melanie helped me to see the longevity of my life".  My husband and I looked on the Astro worldmap and had a great time seeing the purpose of places we have been. Many thanks for these gifts to them and me. With appreciation and admiration.

L.Sh.-R. from Victoria {



“Your insight and encouragement has filled me with a new commitment to living true to my nature.”

N.H. from Vancouver {


“By doing a chart based on our new business name, Melanie was able to guide us regarding the most favorable time in which to acquire our new business identity. We feel it is wise to use all the tools available to ensure success!”

M.B. and S.B. from Victoria {




“Melanie’s thorough, supportive reading and her positive, enthusiastic energy could help me see the bright side of a Saturn-square-Pluto transition, clarifying the obstacles, opportunities and choices before me. Thank you Melanie! You sure know how to serve up ‘gourmet astrology’!”

P.P. from Nova Scotia {



"Just wanted to take a minute to tell you how big a difference your session with me has made in my life... BIG! Thank you for being you and for doing what you do."

H.W. from Vancouver Island {


Thank you, Melanie, for helping me on my path. I am looking forward to processing and acting upon what I have discovered about myself with your help. What you taught me will inspire me, every time I listen to the tape, and will support me on my journey.

G.F. from Victoria {



“All of your inspiring and illuminating insights are helping both my partner and me find our ways in our own lives, but also our ways to each other. I've told everyone I know about you. You are a wonderfully talented astrologer!

K.S. from Vancouver  {



I have listened to the tape many times as it is so full of information. It has been such a confirmation of all that I have been feeling inside, and has brought me peace and comfort in all the confusion of so many changes so quickly.

J.L.  {




Melanie is definitely one of a kind. It is not only her ability to read these charts, but also her ability to communicate their meaning in an understandable, applicable way, that makes her such a valuable addition to anyone’s personal or business life. Every consultation with Melanie felt like she was a mediator between the divine and the physical realm; as a result, greatly raised my consciousness and my vibration. I am grateful for the knowledge and clarity she has already provided me. There is an Italian phrase, which expresses deep revelation, an expression of wonderment: 

All I can say is 'Mama Mia!'


A.G. from Montreal  {




“This astrologer is gifted with deep spiritual awareness which empowers her to help you recognize the important signposts along your own spiritual path. 

Best reading I’ve ever had.”

M.D. from Vancouver {



"Thank you so much again for all the special blessings and information which is heart-expanding as usual. I appreciate your dedication to and knowledge of the stars and their energetic connection with us. I feel it is a huge part of the magic of existence and oneness that we slowly forgot about, like our connection with our own planet and it's many creatures and elements. Thank you for helping us to remember."

N.B. from Regina.  {s an



"Thank you Melanie!
Absolutely brilliant - I feel so at peace and calm, knowing the timing of things and that I am on the right track. Thanks for your awesome interpretation of my astrological blueprint!"
C.F. from Australia {s



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